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Other Issues

Although we are only concentrating on one topic for this campaign, one may wish to take the opportunity to bring up some other related international subjects (especially those requiring global political consensus) while passing on the idea of a universal language.

For example, it may be logical to bring up the issue of speaking a common "language" of standard weights and measures (as in the Metric system) particularly for the three countries where the most common (and easy to use) system has not yet been accepted (the United States, Myanmar (formerly Burma), and Liberia - see METRIC 4 US at, a common "language" for a world currency (or at least an interim measure such as the proposed Tobin tax), or even a sufficiently strong (yet also decentralized) federated world government which could provide a uniform "language" of a single code of law and mechanism for adequately dealing with global problems (assuming it is justly constituted--excluding countries with poor human rights, becoming more proportional to population, excluding "permanent membership" and eliminating or limiting the veto power, etc.).

Discussion of these possible topics is welcomed at our discussion boards.

At a later date we may initiate a similiar campaign (with FAQ pages, arts in support of the idea, etc.) to pursue such other themes as these directly, particularly those which are most related to the interests of this campaign (e.g., a standard system of weights and measures and a world currency). However, for the time being, in order not to lose focus or vital support, we will focus our energies on spreading the idea of a world auxiliary language--an idea which does not depend on support for or implementation of any of the above ideas. Please, if you have reservations about any of the above concepts, we ask that you not fail to support this one about a world language (if you are in support of it), as this is such a critical need.